El Paso is a beautiful city with a lot of great areas that need to be visited. Someone on Reddit is going to be making their way to the Sun City and they're asking about areas they need to see. WahooGirl asked:

My husband and I are visiting EP next month and I was wondering if you lovely people could help me out.

When we visit a new city we love to walk around neighborhoods or districts to get a feel for the city and be able to pop into local stores.

Is there anywhere you’d recommend we walk and visit?

Ive read about the murals in Segundo Barrio, but are there local stores and restaurants there as well or just family homes?


El Pasoans came in strong with answers to this question. jwd52 said:

Segundo Barrio isn't the best place to visit as a tourist; it's not super dangerous or anything like that, but it's very much working class and it's mostly residences for sure. Drive through and hit up Bowie Bakery, but then move on I would say.

El Paso's not a super walkable city sadly, even more so now with a lot of downtown stuff still closed due to COVID. Normally I'd recommend walking around downtown at least, checking out the architecture and visiting some of the museums. You can still do the former of course, but the latter remain closed. If you're headed downtown, start near San Jacinto Plaza and you can head at least a few blocks in pretty much any direction. District Coffee is a great coffee shop in the area.

If you're from out of town, you might be interested in checking out the border. Once again things are much quieter due to COVID, but you can walk from downtown along El Paso Street and check out the scene. You'll feel almost like you're in Mexico without even having to cross over!

A beautiful, walkable neighborhood near downtown is Kern Place, but it's all residential. You could park near Madeline Park and walk around, checking out the architecture. If you don't mind covering a little distance, you could also walk from there to Rim Road for some lovely views of downtown and Juarez as well.

Another response came from dinner_for_one:

You may enjoy walking around the UTEP campus. It's built into the mountains and has a unique Bhutan-inspired architectural style. Right next to it is the Sunset Heights neighborhood – it's one of El Paso's oldest and historic neighborhoods. It has a lot of cool houses that are fun to walk by and look at. From here, you're pretty close to a lot of great places to grab some food.

The Manhattan Heights neighborhood is also nice for a stroll, but there's not much else besides houses to look at.

We have a lot of things that play to the advantage of El Paso. First, the history of the area adds a whole new flavor you don't get in a lot of places. It's not just the fact that there are stories here, it's the kind of stories you get with El Paso being a border city. The buildings are old and chances are they were used for something amazing back in the day.

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