Someone found a stretch of road that isn't completely jacked up so, here come the orange barrels...

TxDoT is proposing a plan to widen I-10 where it passes through Downtown and some folks aren't too happy about it. According to an El Paso Times opinion piece:

The Trench, the depressed portion of the highway through Downtown, would expand, taking all properties along Yandell Drive from Santa Fe Street to Campbell Street. High-speed frontage roads would edge Sunset Heights, bringing traffic, noise, vibration and pollution. Through streets would be cut off, restricting the connectivity of our well-designed historic city grid while increasing traffic on the remaining accessible streets. The Prospect Street Bridge would be demolished. (Read More.)

Some people in the affected area are, needless to say, not too crazy about the idea. Sito Negron, with the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, is concerned about things like freeway frontage roads in residents backyards, lessened or completely wiped out residential property values and the loss of over 100 properties among other things. (Read More.)

This is NOT an official plan. However, based on the given info, what do you think so far?