Sometimes being a part of society means going along to get along. Everyone pretends to be interested in something. So The Buzz Adams Morning Show crew asked each other: what do you pretend to like, even if you don't?

Buzz says concerts are the one thing he pretends to like. Buzz gave the example of AC/DC and how everyone expected him to be excited about their show. But o the day of, there was nothing less he wanted to do than go to that concert, "I hate the whole rigmarole, the crowds, and the hassle of traffic. It's just annoying."

Joanna said since people know she's a cat fanatic that people always ask her to look at their fur babies. For the most part, she only likes her cats and has to pretend to enjoy other people's, "they are constantly trying to get me to validate how cute their cats are. And I always say 'oh look at that cat' when in reality it's the ugliest cat I've ever seen. It's inferior to my cats Junior and Penny: who win the top prize every time."

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Nico says sports are the one thing he pretends to care about when, in reality, he could care less. All Nico wants to do is fit in, "I mean people, like the Opera, but people don't wake up Monday morning to talk about the Opera game on Sunday. I don't care, but I like to have conversations and at least know a little bit about them."

While everyone pretends to enjoy certain things, everyone's was different and reflected the kind of personal annoyances that makes them who they are. In the end, it seems to be universal that people will pretend to care about things to save others' feelings.

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