We're mainly talking about restaurants and places of entertainment here. Answers like "rain", "a higher literacy rate" and "competent city government," while amusing, don't fall under the purview of our current topic.

Of course, In-n-Out was mentioned immediately.  In this article I will give two numerical scores from a scale of 1-5.  The first score will be how successful I think the place would do in El Paso and the second score will be how likely that we'll be getting one any time soon.

For example, I give In-n-Out a score of 5 and 5.  I think an In-n-Out franchise would be a huge success and I think that it is very likely that we will eventually get one.  Now, on with your suggestions...


   Success Rating: 5
Likelihood Rating: 2

I believe a Dave and Busters would be a huge success in El Paso. People are always looking for something to do with the family. And if the kids can be occupied long enough for the adults to drink some beer, all the better.

However, I don't think it's very likely that EP will be getting a Dave and Buster's anytime soon. From looking at their company portfolio, they really seem to stick with towns of over (or near to) a million people. Also, they don't show a lot of interest in expanding to secondary and tertiary markets. Although I think a D&B's would do huge traffic, don't expect to see one here in the foreseeable future.

   Success Rating: 3
Likelihood Rating: 2

I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't open a Cheesecake Factory in El Paso. They certainly have locations in comparably sized markets (Tuscon, Tulsa, Fresno).  However, in Texas, Cheesecake Factory has stuck mainly to the major markets of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio (there's one in Austin but, it's Austin. The regular rules don't apply). Combine that with a somewhat pricey menu and I think you can count out eating at an El Paso Cheesecake Factory this decade.

   Success Rating: 2
Likelihood Rating: 1

I don't think Rainforest Cafe would do well in El Paso. It's more of a "special occasion" place than someplace you might go on a regular basis. They seem to know this, too, as most of their locations are in places with huge populations (Dallas, Houston) or places that are tourist attractions (Galveston, Las Vegas).

Don't get your hopes up too high for a Rainforest Cafe.

   Success Rating: 2
Likelihood Rating: 1-5

I give Nathan's Famous a Likelihood Rating of 1-5 because, according to their website, you can already get their hot dogs inside the Kmart in North East El Paso.  I don't know that they'd be an overwhelming success, though. El Paso doesn't seem like that much of hot dog town. Every time I drive past a Weinershnitzle, nobody seems to be eating there.  Once every 10 years when I'm in the mood for a hot dog, I never have to wait in line at the drive thru and the cashier seems a little startled to have a customer.

   Success Rating: 5
Likelihood Rating: 0

If you don't know, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch is a legal brothel in Nevada. I'm sure a legal brothel would be a smash hit in El Paso, so I give it a S.R. of  5.  However, prostitution is illegal in Texas and will probably stay that way for many years to come. I had to give it a Likelihood Rating of 0.