Buzz has been letting us know for a while how the way he grew up formed the person he is today and a contestant on the show "Titan Games" said the same thing. Last week, Nico made the unfortunate decision to challenge Buzz to an arm-wrestling competition thinking he would easily best the aged athlete. This is where Buzz began explaining to us what being "country strong" met. Buzz said that growing up having to do farm chores gave him a body that looked deceivingly unfit, but in reality, he was a lot stronger than we would think. Nico still challenged and was humiliated by how quickly Buzz was able to win the arm-wrestling. After, we all decided Buzz was indeed stronger than the much younger Nico, but being "country strong" was still an idea I grappled with.

Then, enter the "Titan Games." Buzz told us about the show on Monday that is a mix of "American Gladiator," "American Ninja Warrior," and "Wipeout," where physically fit but everyday people would compete against each other than take on a Titan. Titans are athletes that are hand-picked by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to compete on the show as the modern-day Adonis. Athletes who have reached the peak of their sports and have easily dominated others in their respective fields. I decided to check out the show after finding out my dad was a big fan of the program and we watched it together that night. I was shocked to see the male competitor that would be taking on the night's Titan was saying he had a secret weapon in his corner- he was "country strong."

Will Sutton is from North Carolina and said he grew up doing manual labor and farm chores on his family's land and it got him in peak physical shape for competition. After watching Will compete and dominate in 2 out of 3 competitions against the other athlete, I was intrigued to see how he would do against the evening's Titan, UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. Needless to say, I was shocked at the ease Sutton was able to complete all the evening's tasks, and how quickly Woodley became winded on the obstacle course. See the video above to see how Will was able to easily beat his competitor on one of his first tasks and see him dominate Woodley in the obstacle crouse video below. In the future, I won't be underestimating how having raw, country strength can help you in all aspects of life, even a simple arm-wrestling contest.

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