The government is giving us all a little tip to help us deal with the financial effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.

For a minute there, it looked like the amount might jump from $600 to $1200 but, yeah ... notsomuch.  My 6 Benjamins showed up a couple of days ago and I'm still debating what to do with them. Granted, I should do the smart thing and just leave the money in the bank but when it comes to money, I've never been all that smart.

That being said, here are the "critical" things on my mind these days and some of the locally owned businesses that I could go to:

  • I could use some new riding boots which Cowtown Boots is loaded with.
  • My Harley needs detailing and I'm pretty lazy so Moto Phyco it is.
  • I could finally get an acoustic guitar at Hero Music
  • I could treat myself to a nice meal and a drink or two at one of our many, MANY El Paso based eateries like Rulis', B-52 Bombers Oyster Pub, or the Rib Hut.
  • I do have some bills to pay but those guys have waited this long, another couple of weeks isn't going to cripple them.

I also have a credit card balance or two I could use it for but, the more I think about it, the more I feel local shops should have my money as opposed to the credit card companies. Whatever you do with your "windfall", please try and find a local spot to handle your needs.

Now, throughout 2021 and always, please, SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS AND BUSINESSES!!

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