I know this has happened to you: You let your best friend borrow your FAVORITE album and that person never returned it! Maybe your parents didn't like the music/artist/cover art? Who knows what happened, but you had to buy a 2nd copy of your fav album!

What a bunch of crap! This has definitley happened to me!

I'll tell you my story and exactly HOW many times I had to buy it and some of my fav videos from him!

Marilyn Manson was my favorite artist growning up! I remember being in middle school and the the album, Antichrist Superstar, had just come out! I was happier than a pig in dirt!!
My father WAS NOT a MM fan, whatsoever!!

I was busted listening to him in my room and pops saw the album cover and what was inside!


Yup, Manson and his whole glory covered by who knows what the hell that is?!?!?

Immediately, my dad ripped up the cover, snapped my CD in 2 and I was grounded...what a bunch of CRAP!!

I ended up buying the album 3 more times after that!! Needless to say, the old man was furious with what I had spent my money on!! I taught him though, I spray painted MM on my closet and was completely rebellious my teen years! (I know, what a dumb ass!!) Of course I was grounded almost all of high school, but it was worth it!

So, tell us here at KLAQ, what albums have you bought more than once? Let us know on our Official KLAQ Facebook Page!

Some of my fav videos from MM:

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