United may be in the headlines for their overbooking a flight, but it turns out they're not the worst offender. So which airline is?

This has been a bad week for United Airlines. On Sunday, they forcibly removed a passenger from a flight from Chicago causing bodily injury and striking an outcry from the public. Since then, their stock has plummeted, customers are vowing to NEVER fly with them again and they're being trolled by not only the public but competing airlines as well. After this outrage, many are wondering if United is the worst offender when it comes to booting passengers of over booked flights.

Surprisingly, they're not even in the Top 5.

A new report from Air Travel Consumer Report shows that, shockingly, Southwest Airlines if the worst offender, denying boarding to 1.99 of their passengers for every 10,000.

Here's the Worst Offenders:

1. Southwest: 1.99 For Every 10,000 Passengers
2. Jetblue: 1.92 for every 10,000 Passengers
3. American Airlines: 1.64 For Every 10,000 Passengers
4. Frontier: 1.58 For Ever 10,000 Passengers
5. Spirit: 1.58 For Every Passengers
6. United: 1.43 For Every 10,000 Passengers
7. Hawaiian: 1.05 For Every Passengers

This means that out of the over 40,600 passengers that were involuntarily denied boarding, more than a third were flying Southwest. Just under 15,000 passengers.

Read more about this at the DailyMail.

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