The Oscar Mayor Wienermobile is passing through El Paso.

If you would like to see the Oscar Mayor Weiinermobile up close and maybe snag some freebies, be at Bob-O's Family Fun Center, located at 3851 Constitution Drive, today between 3pm and 7pm.

According to our news partner KVIA, Weinermobile "hotdoggers" 'Mayochup Molly' and 'Saucy Spence' ... I don't think those are their real names ... explained their visit this way:

"We’re in El Paso to offer the BUNderful opportunity to ketchup with the Wienermobile as it drives the hot dog highways of America. We know everything is bigger in Texas, so can’t wait to “meat” everyone and show you the 27-foot hot dog on wheels, handout Weenie Whistles, and relish the opportunity to connect with as many people in El Paso as possible,"  - KVIA

This is 1 of 12 Weinermobiles operated by Oscar Mayor and each year a competition is held for college students who want to travel the country meeting people, handing out products, promoting the company, and using as many cheesy ... pun sort of intended ... hot dog puns as humanly possible.

Earning a spot behind the wheel of the Weinermobile is not easy. Oscar Mayor holds an annual competition to find the driver teams who will spend a year, with a full salary, traveling the country visiting stores, radio and tv stations, and many other places promoting Oscar Mayor products and, basically, just having a good time. Find out more here. The team members chosen must attend "Hot Dog High" to learn promotional aspects, zillions of hot dog puns, and, of course, how to actually drive the thing. (It's not as easy as it looks.)  Learn more about the Weinermobile here.

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