There are a lot of people who enjoy riding the Screamer at Wet N' Wild Waterworld! Then again you have those who prefer to stick to the kiddy rides instead of the adult ones.

28 SilverStar recorded his friend riding on the screamer in slow motion and looks hella scary! When I was younger I used to get on those adult rides but now stick to the kiddy rides with my kid. Another favorite EVERYONE enjoys riding in the wave pool that is for all sorts of ages. If you don't have a pool in your backyard stay fresh this Memorial Day Weekend with us at Wet N' Wild. There will be plenty of rides to stay fresh that fit your comfort zone. The KLAQ BBQ will feature food, rides, and competitions that will score you bragging rights or cash!

Take the poll below on which ride you get on more than once at Wet N' Wild Waterworld in  Anthony!

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