There are so many great memories a lot of us have from the old Western Playland location.

Western Playland used to be located at Ascarate Park near Delta. That was the OG location for Western Playland back in the day. I remember when the rumors came about the park moving to another location I felt a sort of homesick feeling.

All the years of my life (then) were spent going to Ascarate Park where Western Playland was originally set. When the news about Western Playland moving locations was announced my heart sank.

In my head, I just thought it wasn't going to be the same. I remember one of the many reasons I loved the Ascarate Park location more was because of the trees that provided a lot of shade.

Plus, I have a lot of battle scars from that place from running, falling, and scraping my knees. I know I am not the only one with tons of memories from that particular location.

One thing I did love was the scenic view you could enjoy on certain rides at the Ascarate Park spot. The Yo-Yo, Pharoh's Fury, Paratrooper, El Bandido, and others were the rides that gave you a boost for a scenic view of El Paso.

As for the Westside location, there aren't many trees that surround the area like the old spot. When Western Playland moved directly across from Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino some parents wondered why it didn't happen sooner.

I've heard some parents joke about how they could have dropped off their kids at Western Playland and then go gamble if the move happened a lot sooner. The one thing that didn't turn me off completely to the West location is the beautiful sunset you can see perfectly.

Since Western Playland moved to the Westside they eventually set up new rides along the way. You can see the kind of view before a sunset you have on El Bandido thanks to Coaster Force's video above. What I would like to know is what Western Playland location has a better scenic view of El Paso in the poll below.

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