There is a home on the Westside of El Paso that has quite a haunting story. In 2001 a pregnant army captain was killed in her home in West El Paso. This story made big news and was even featured on Dateline and Shadow of Doubt. Captain Lynn Reister Armstrong was 6 months pregnant was found stabbed to death inside her home. Her and her husband Army Sgt. Roger Reister lived in the 800 block of Arredondo Drive.

They later discovered Lynn's brother-in-law, Rodney Reister was the one responsible for her murder. Rodney Reister confessed his brother and Lynn's husband Roger put him up to it. You can see a summary of the story in the video above. Usually when someone is murdered in their home can leave behind a spirit or not. But if there is unfinished business then usually the spirit hangs around until business is taken care of. I've heard about a house on Arredondo Drive that has a few haunting stories and wondered if it was the Reister's former home.

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