I'm a Patriots fan but THIS guy .......... wow.

I've been a fan of the New England Patriots forever and sure, I've gotten a few Pats items over the years.  I have a jersey, a key and key ring, a T-shirt and an official, one of a kind, "Pat hat" made especially for me by my Mom!


Not much really, but I have stuff.  My friends have tons of things and a couple of them go nuts over memorabilia.  They put me to shame.

This guy puts them to shame!  Hell he puts, EVERYBODY to shame!  He got a tattoo of Tom Brady's helmet.

On his head.

Every single detail is there, including the "green dot" and the Riddell logo.  He even threw in a Super Bowl Trophy and inked over a few Patriots autographs!

He's also from Florida and in jail for possession of "Spice".  Go figure.


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