I was having a beer (there's a surprise) with a friend of mine the other day and we decided that you could make up just about any word or word combination, stick "dot com" at the end and it would probably turn out to be a genuine web site.  Hmmmmmmm ....... What could I do??  The gauntlet had been thrown; sooooo ... I started making s**t up. (Beats actually working right??) Here's what I found:

whatthefu**.com  (Yes, you have to spell out the big "F" there.)  This one wasn't nearly as interesting as I initially thought it was going to be. Basically a bunch of political "opinion pieces" ... though they did have a couple of good points on SOPA. (The act, not the mexican side dish.)

blarg.com  One of Johnnie Walkers favorite words! (He's even got me using it ...) this one was boring though.  It's some kind of internet crap.  According to them they;

Since 1994, Avvanta has been providing reliable Internet access to Western Washington. Locally owned and operated, we have established ourselves as innovators, providing only the highest quality of service to our customers.

Yaaaaawwnnn ....... moving on ...

gunguitarmotorcycleandtruck.com.  Crap, my first miss.  I had REALLY high hopes for this one since those are 4 of my 5 favorite things!

likebeer.com. The  5th of my favorite things and a hit!  I thought for a second anyway .... no such luck.  No beer related goodness at all; just links to other things not very beer-ish.

(What the hell lyrics and guitar chords have to do with beer is beyond me.)

snark.com.  He shoots, he scores!!  This one was also kinda cool! I did the simple puzzle on the first try ... took about 1 minute!  Still working on the tricky one ...

 bigdumbwebsite.com  A hit!  Technically .......

imboredtodeath.com Another (sorta) hit!  I'm taking credit for this one 'cuz, while it had no actual content of it's own; it will take you to places that should keep boredom at bay for some time to come.  You're welcome!!

worksucksschoolisboringandmygirlfriendsabi**h.com  Nothing there ... but there should be.



Nothing but bikes and parts however so, this site is kiiiiind of  misleading .... though they do claim they'll  beat any deal on motorcycle girls! (??)  Really ... on the home page, click where it says "motorcycle girls" ... you'll get this

bikesandbikinis.com  Nothing there, but you know I'm not giving up on this one right away.  I followed one of the links for you! I'm cool like that!

And if you've stuck with me this long, you deserve a peek at what I found! 

Those pics are from a bikes, boats and bikinis facebook page my biker chick search steered me to.  (Funny thing is there are no bikes or boats in the pictures.  No biggie though, I don't mind!!)

Ok, that's enough.  What stupid web sites have you "invented"?? 

We can make a game of this ... we'll all start making stuff up to see if it's a real web site. First person fired, written up or sent to counseling over their search criteria wins!