Are the newly popular 50% off Nike websites like and too good to be true? Let’s analyze it.

According to web data, the two sites are approximately 4 months old, as of the end of August, 2013. Both and seem to be the same site, operating out of Hong Kong. That could be good or bad. First, Hong Kong is where a lot of Nike products are made, so they could be selling slightly damaged or unofficial merchandise. However, if you get scammed, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get your money back from another country.

Taking a deeper look into the websites, there is an “about us” section and an “information” section on each site, however, there is no information in either of these sections. The "Contact Us” link doesn’t give any contact information, only a form to request someone contact you. So far, seems risky. Other than the products on the site and the ability to pay for them, most of the content on their sites is non-existent or leads to broken links. If a website makes it very easy and cheap to buy products, but doesn’t bother to provide any other information, be cautious.

Although they have the Better Business Bureau images on their site, it doesn’t link to anything.

Anyone can upload this photo to a website.

Most of the shoes are 50% off which, in itself, seems a little too good to be true. Also, there are no reviews online for either or No good reviews and no bad reviews. Now, we can’t say for sure if these website are safe to use or not, but you can come to your own conclusion. If you safely order from either of these sites and receive your order without problem, please feel free to comment in the section below so we can update our article.


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