If you've ever traveled on I-10, heading west, you've probably come across billboards along the highway talking about...The Thing. Everywhere between El Paso, the state of New Mexico & Arizona, you've probably have seen these signs before. And if you live just east of Tucson, Arizona, you've seen this building before.

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What is The Thing?

People would wonder "what is it?". For years it's become one of the most well known roadside attractions in the state of Arizona, and just maybe the Southwest United States. People would post their own articles or videos of visiting The Thing with different results; as it would go through changes throughout the years.

But in January 2023, one user on Facebook, Wilkes Family Halloween Displays, decided to take a trip from Florida to Arizona with one goal in mind: To see... The Thing. If you've been there before in the past, you'll probably notice that The Thing is NOT what is used to be. As their video shows...

So as the video shows, the lead up contains a bunch of aliens (the ones with the big heads) & dinosaur remains greet you as you trek to the back of the building; before you come across the mummified remains of an "alien" in a glass case. Although others claim it's the remains of a mother & child.

However when you look at the Facebook comments on the video, you can see that people who've been there in the past know that The Thing was not what it is now; they remember the place being a lot smaller and no aliens.

This user was not the only one who went to visit The Thing in recent memory; a few others have posted their findings on YouTube.

Will The Thing change? Well. The Thing has...a thing since the 1960s, it has undergone changes before, so who's to say that The Thing won't be different in a few years time. But one thing is for certain... The Thing is still out there waiting to be seen by travelers along I-10.

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