Earlier this month it was announced that the Kern Place CVS Pharmacy in El Paso was going to be closing. The establishment has only been open four years, and two popular and locally-owned businesses were both demolished to make room for the drugstore. Mesa Street Grill was lucky to open up down the street and has done well, but the popular dive bar Black Market shut their doors to never open again. In the area surrounding UTEP, there are already is a fairly busy Walgreens pharmacy right down the street and it seems that CVS has difficulty finding their niche in the busy community. The company confirmed to El Paso, Inc. that they would indeed be closing and signs on the business state that April 2nd will be their last day open to the public. So while many are running to the store to stock up on over 50% items at the store, others are wondering what will be put into that building next.

The answer. Another grocery store.

In Kern, the only grocery store nearby is the Albertsons on Mesa Street. DOn't get me wrong, I love that place. Since Albertsons was revamped and they added so many ready-made food items it has been a wonderful place to shop at. Plus the Starbuck's inside? Now I get my caffeine fix while I shop. But we need more variety. When I see there is a great sale price on raspberries at Sprouts, or asparagus at Wal-Mart I feel a pang of jealousy. Not having that competition nearby makes it hard to go and find better deals at different markets. The closest grocery store after Albertson's is on Sunland Park, while downtown and central El Paso house mostly small corner stores or markets. There is a big need for another major food store in the area to serve the Kern Place neighborhood.

My top picks? I would love to see a neighborhood Wal-Mart or Food King open up in the area. Just another option for people who are trying to save money. I wouldn't stop shopping at Albertson's either, because of the staff I have grown fond of for their friendly demeanors (talking about you Jay!) But just having that second option would be handy on especially busy weekends or holidays when it seems every resident of Kern is at the store trying to grab that last can of cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving.

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