Bacon Fest is right around the corner and we are all getting excited for it! To whet everyone's appetite, I enlisted the help of Leah from 600 ESPN El Paso to help me with our next concoction. Since our Bacon Slime video was kind of a fail, okay it was a huge fail, we decided to go back on a YouTube journey and see what else the interweb had to offer.

If you look up "bacon" on YouTube, so much pops up! The internet loves bacon (can you blame them?) and we came across this recipe for a Bacon Frappuccino! Yes, the video was made by yet another 12 year old, and she made it look so easy! But Leah and I were still a bit reluctant to try the frappe, so instead we enlisted the help of our coworkers! We got Buzz Adams, Duke Keith, Veronica Gonzalez and last but not least, Emily Slape.

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