I cannot begin to tell you how important an internet connection is for our work. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are where we get to interact with our listeners, how we receive all sorts of information (follow us BTW if you haven't already). We basically rely on it for everything. And I know we're not the only ones, so many people rely on social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram. So imagine our surprise Tuesday morning when neither Facebook nor Instagram were working for us!

We spent a majority of the morning in a frenzy trying to figure out what was wrong with Facebook and Instagram! The sites just were not working for us, then we found out it was happening to everyone! At this point, Mark Zuckerberg was at the top of everyone's hit list and simple to blame (BTW I'm pretty sure Myspace Tom would NEVER treat us like this!) but alas, we may have found the actual culprit of that FB & Insta outage: none other than Wreck-It-Ralph himself! The official Wreck-It-Ralph Twitter (which was the only functioning social media forum) tweeted out this apology from Ralph:

I got to say, I forgive the guy! Of course, the joke is a great promotion as Ralph prepares to actually wreck the internet in the sequel to "Wreck-It-Ralph"  with "Ralph Breaks the Internet."

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