Monoliths have been popping up all over the world since the first was initially discovered in Utah less than 2 weeks ago. Now New Mexico has its own monolith. After the first monolith was discovered in Utah, copycats have been seen around the world from Romania, the Netherlands, the UK, and several right here in the U.S. of A. We still have no idea who put up the original monolith in the Utah desert, but some people have come forward to claim they were behind various monoliths across the world. Now, an art collective has announced they're behind the mysterious monolith next to a freeway in Albuquerque. According to KRQE News, the silver Albuquerque monolith appeared on the side of the Pan American freeway early Monday morning, but witnesses say the creation was first installed Sunday evening. By Monday night, people had not only vandalized the monolith but also took it down using sledgehammers.

Now the Albuquerque monolith has come and gone and we may know who was behind the stunt. Santa Fe's Most Famous Artist art collective are selling what they call "authentic alien monolith" for a whopping $45,000 dollars on their website. According to the site, the art collective's monoliths are 10 feet tall, and the price includes delivery and installation. The monoliths will have a certificate of authenticity and signed and dated. Sadly, it will take about 4-6 weeks to be delivered right now, since apparently there is a surge in demand for large monoliths. If you decided to shell out the cash make sure you really want one since there are no refunds. You can find out more about buying your own monolith at the Most Famous Artist website.

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