It's income tax season and some lucky folks have money coming to them. Here are a few thoughts on how to spend it.

Not everyone gets a refund from Uncle Sam and those that do get different amounts so I'm keeping this list on the, (relatively), inexpensive side.

Use your cash windfall to do something different. If you choose to do something you do a lot anyway, do it differently.

Top off your gas tank and hit the road for a change of scenery some weekend. Ruidoso is just a couple of hours north of El Paso and loaded with fun stuff to do.

Elephant Butte is also just a couple of hours away for a weekend of lake fun and there are many other places to go.

Like White Sands, the Gila Cliff Dwellings or the Space Hall of Fame for starters.

Dinner & Drinks:

Instead of the usual, Applebees, Chilis, L & J's, etc; cruise out to Indian Cliffs Ranch.

There, you can have a tasty dinner that can also include touring a movie set, chilling by a small lake and interacting with some cool animals in the "zoo" area.

They even have a rattlesnake "den" and those guys are starting to wake about now.

Restock The Bar:

If you need to build up your Summer bbq party supplies, don't just hit any old liquor store. Visit Secrest Market in Chaparral, the only liquor store I know of with a petting zoo.

Grab your favorites while the kids pet or feed the animals ... boozy fun for the whole family. From there, you can also visit Krazy Arrow Ranchette.

Krazy Arrow Ranchette in Chaparral, NM.


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