Time for some nostalgia. Here is a broadcast from KTSM, or at this time as it was known, TSM, which apparently stood for The State Media. The top stories for this broadcast from November 15th, 1992:

  • People travelling from El Paso into Juarez need to plan for a longer wait time because Mexican officials were cracking down on smugglers. What were they looking for? Food, clothing, and other consumer products, and it all boiled down to taxes.
  • There was a national bus strike in Mexico that was costing Omnibus de Mexico a ton of money. The point of the strike? Employees wanted a insurance clause that paid their families $60,000 if they died on the job. At that time, the families would receive $45,000.
  • There was a protest from an animal rights group (Voice for All Animals) against a company, Bifano Furs, that sold fur coats.
  • A Dallas jury recommended the death penalty for El Paso serial killer David Wood. Don't remember him? He was tried and convicted of the murder of 6 girls, ranging in age from 14 to 23. He was eventually sentenced to death back in 1993, but as of now, he's still waiting for that sentence to be carried out.
  • Environmentalist were visiting Hueco Tanks to try to protect ancient rock drawings from vandals. And a public hearing for suggestions of how to preserve the drawings, some of which are 2,000 years old, was taking place at Hanks High School.
  • There's also a story about turning an old Juarez church into an orphange.
  • And finally, an in depth looking a building going in downtown...

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