This movie looks so good! I would go watch this on the big screen in a heartbeat. And apparently Hollywood agrees!


A 22 year old German digital film student Kaleb Lechowski created his own sci-fi short titled R'ha. The film is about an alien race who are forced out of their world by their machines they were using as weapons. The quality of the film is astounding, and looks like it was made in the studios of Hollywood, instead of as a project for school. And I wasn't the only one impressed by this student's film. Hollywood has now come knocking.

He is on his way to Hollywood in the next few weeks to pitch his short film to movie producers and he has already impressed some. Scott Glassgold of IAM Sports & Entertainment said," there were shots in there that look like they are from a 150 million dollar movie."

When asked about the movie he said he hasn't decided the rest of the story yet. Now he at least he doesn't have to do it on his own anymore either. Although he did say he could do it on his own, but it would take about 10 years. I don't think that I would be able to wait that long! I'm already salivating at the chance to see the rest of this movie.

Go ahead and watch the small film below and you decide: would you want to see this on the big screen? I know I would.

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