Yesterday the El Paso Chamber honored the 23 victims from the August 3 tragedy.  They flashed the El Paso star 23 times in remembrance of the 23 victims. When I first heard about this I tried thinking of a good spot to view this beautiful moment. The places I thought of didn't really expose a good view of the star. So instead after getting off of work I took a cruise around Central to try and pinpoint a good spot. After driving around for about 25 minutes I finally located a place with a good view to park at. The spot with a good view of the star that was up close and personal was off of Cotton and Grant. There is a mechanic shop right at that corner that has a good view of the star. Thankfully I decided to leave early to get a good spot to park in the parking lot.

It was a good thing I left early because when I got there at 8:20 pm, others started parking there as well. In case you're wondering yes, everyone kept their social distance from each other. I thought that when they would flash the star it wouldn't be as long as it had lasted. I started my recording the star a minute early but the flashing lasted for about 10 minutes. It was magnificent to witness because I have never ever seen our star flash the way it did last night. If you missed the live stream or the real thing yesterday, KLAQ made sure to have your back. You can see the video above of the El Paso star flashing 23 times for the 23 victims of last year's tragedy.

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