The Bel Air High School percussion section will be banging their drums for a good cause, 24-HOURS STRAIGHT! You can watch the whole thing happen live, as these high school students team up with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger to help raise funds for the food bank. Fifty percent of donations collected through their GoFundMe page will be helping provide meals for El Pasoans who depend on El Pasoans Fighting Hunger for their next meal.

This Drum-a-thon is an amazing way to help drum up some donations during the season of giving. You have to give these students tons of credit for spending their day drumming for a cause, instead of just sharing the news through a social media post. Kind of what I am doing right now.

Marching band's drummers playing the drums
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Either way, everyone is doing their part to hype up this good deed by Bel Air High School's percussion team. I was always jealous of high school band drummers because they always seemed to have so much fun, while I was stuck playing the clarinet. Nice to see band drummers are still some pretty cool people doing great things! Make sure to tune into the event's live stream, which will be running on YouTube for 24-Hours!

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