There's nothing worse than the guy who ruins the show for everyone. And back in 1993, Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley laid a smackdown on an audience member who had been making Nazi hand gestures and attacking other fans in the mosh pit.

The show in question took place in Stockholm, Sweden and footage of the incident recently started circulating again online, giving fans a chance to see the singer's reaction to what he was witnessing in the crowd.

The band had just finished (fittingly) performing "It Ain't Like That" when the Staley halted the show. He made his way to the side of the stage and motioned for the man in question to make his way to the stage. Staley even helps the man up from the floor below and once he's to his feet, the vocalist throws a punch followed by a slap before the man is pushed offstage and escorted out by security. As he returned to the mic, Staley yelled, "Fucking Nazis die."

Far Out Magazine did a deeper dive into the incident. Speaking with guitar and bass tech Randy Biro, the man in question had not only been making Nazi salutes but also other questionable gestures while attempting to beat up other pit goers with punches and elbows.

Feeling as though he had been assaulted by Staley, the man reported the band to the police. While Staley had already caught a Ferry to Finland, police met up with the rest of the group and seized their passports until Staley returned. According to the report, a brief investigation followed, which included the Nazi’s own brother siding with the band. Staley was not only released but was praised by Swedish police for his actions.

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