Okay, so maybe I need to brush up on my R-rated video game knowledge. That said, I had a LOT of fun at the KLAQ Halloween Parade, taking a peek behind the scenes and taking in the sights and sounds.

One of the coolest things about the Halloween Parade is that it's truly a little bit of everything. To the typical parade -- marching bands, floats, the parade wave -- you add in your freaks, monsters, shrieks, hellhounds and more. And that's just in the crowd!

I took some time to find out about some of the marchers in this year's parade and I had a blast, even if I didn't know who Springtrap was. Even if Springtrap didn't seem very impressed that I didn't know who Springtrap was.

Something I did notice -- there is a lot of crossing the themes at the parade!

Ghostbusters taught us to never cross the streams, but crossing the themes? It's just part of the fun at the KLAQ Halloween Parade!

The Punisher and The Mummy together? Sure, why not?

Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs? Hey, they both have a wolf, right?

And that was all BEFORE the parade started!

As for the parade itself, there were SO MANY creative costumes and ideas in the crowd and on the street and much cuteness of the small child variety. Maybe you'll see yourself in the crowd. Maybe you'll see your kid.

Maybe you're Springtrap.

But here's something I realized well after it was all over: I watched the thing from start to finish for the first time ever.

Sure, I was still working, shooting video and pictures; but every other time I've been out to Album Park on a Halloween afternoon, I've been IN the parade and never SEEN the parade.

And I can see why people keep coming back!

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