Did you see that bandage David Lee Roth was sporting on the Kimmel show?  Turns out he did it to himself.  Wanna watch?

The, mostly, original lineup of Van Halen got together on the Jimmy Kimmel show and it didn't go too smoothly.  I'm not talking about Roth's horrible singing, I'm talking about the bandage on his nose.  I'm at a loss for the singing but, the bandage has a story. Check out the video above.

The guys had to actually stop the show while Roth got bandaged up and then start over again. There is one good thing about this.  While Roth's getting fixed up, check out the cool improv riff Eddie Van Halen, his brother Alex and his son Wolfgang come up with.

The jam bit is awesome for us but, for Sammy Hagar, I bet Diamond Dave was the most entertaining part of the evening.