Buzz vs. Brandon is our ongoing series in which our fearless morning show host and his intrepid producer try to make fools out of one another on video with various challenges. Make sure you subscribe to your YouTube channel to keep up with all of this tomfoolery and shenanigans.

Our Thursday morning staff meetings often turn into a free-for-all.  But, in the wake of my failure in the "Stand up from a futon without using your arms or hands" challenge, the gauntlet was again cast as Brandon told me I wouldn't be able to stand on one foot on top of a stool for twenty seconds.

This challenge was made in the conference room during our meeting and could've resulted in a broken ankle/stool/concrete foundation. So we started recording, because why miss out on that?

So here's our second video in the Buzz vs. Brandon series we seem to have started. Good thing my health insurance is paid up.

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