It's no secret -- soccer fans outside the United States take the game seriously. How serious? How about making fun of your biggest rival's star's broken back by dancing around with a human spine?!

Yeah, Argentina fans went there.

Brazilian star playmaker Neymar is out of the Fifa World Cup with a broken vertebrae suffered in this collision with Colombia's Juan Camilo Zuniga in the second half of the teams' quarterfinal.

The World Cup hosts won, 2-1, but their star playmaker would not have returned even if Germany hadn't already blown Brazil out of the water.

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That's fine by Argentina! Brazil's southern neighbor has two championships of its own and wants a third, in part to crown their star, Lionel Messi.

Argentinean fans in Brazil "celebrated" Neymar's injury -- and the dent it put in Brazil's chances to be champion -- by dancing in the streets with a replica of a human spine, chanting:

"Olé olé olé olé olá! Acá tenemos la columna de Neymar!"

Which translates to:

"Here we have the spine of Neymar!"

Ouch. Not even sure Alabama and Auburn fans would do that to each other. They just take it out on the foliage.

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