Brazilian Fans React to Loss
It was jaw-droppingly ugly. Unprecedented. Across the country, Brazil fans cheered their team on expecting that "six" would be the number of world titles they'd own, not the goal-differential. But watching Brazil lose, 7-1, to Germany was a nightmare they'll never forget. One look at their faces will tell you that.
Foo Fighters to Headline Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil in 2012
The legendary rock ‘n’ roll festival Lollapalloza is headed to South America for the second time next spring, and Foo Fighters have signed on to headline. Lollapalooza will make its way to Santiago, Chile, from March 31-April 1, and will touch down for the first time ever in Brazil for a April 7-8 stint in Sao Paulo.
Tom Brady at Carnival 2011. Dork-knobs & Dance Pics
Gisele Bundchen has raped Tom Brady with fashion. She is totally emasculating him. Look at this video of Brady down in Bundchen's native Brazil for Carnival talking about how great everything is then giving the swishiest samba of any man who purports to be heterosexual ever.