I didn't wake up early to watch the royal wedding. It came on at 4 in the morning but I wouldn't have watched it if it came on at 4 in the afternoon. I wouldn't have watched it if I was in the hospital in a full body cast and it was the only station the TV picked up.

Later that night, though, I couldn't help but be interested when I overheard people talking about the wedding. Specifically, what they perceived to be "the inappropriate comments" from the American preacher that spoke.

From what I could tell, the preacher, an African-American, quoted Martin Luther King (not something I would've thought was "controversial") and about the power of love (that OTHER great theologian, Huey Lewis). Looking online, there were lots of suggestions of royal "jaw drops", "side eyes" and, I assume "monocle-popping". From what I could tell, all this was because you had a speaker who talked in an animated way, and in an American vernacular that the upper-crust Brits were surprised by. Well, who cares? You invited a black preacher who talks like a black preacher. I guess it would've been more "shocking" if he'd gotten up and droned in a faux-British accent like Peter Cook in The Princess Bride. "Maaaawiage....".

Here's some of the video from the royal wedding. Nothing seems weird about it to me.

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