Dennis Rodman returned from his 2nd visit to North Korea and, get ready for a shock, caused a scene at the Beijing airport. Rodman was upset that reporters had asked him what he had done for imprisoned American Kenneth Bae. Seeing as what he had actually done ran the gamut from "jack" all the way to "shit" Rodman went on a bizarre-even-by-Rodman-standards tirade. I think there are several compelling reasons that Dennis Rodman may have actually been brain-washed while visiting his new BFF Kim Jong Un.  What is my evidence, you ask? Oh, I got evidence like Rodman gots hepatitis viruses. Keep reading to learn more...

All right, there's the video. But, what makes me think DR might have been brain-washed? Well for one thing...

1.) The whole concept of "brain-washing" kind of got started in Korea

Seriously. The first use of the term "brain-washing" was in an article in the Miami News in 1950. The writer, Edward Hunter, was a Korean war vet who told about the use of "mind control" techniques that the North Koreans used on U.S. POW's.

Maybe you've heard someone who is thought to have been brainwashed referred to as a "Manchurian Candidate"?

Yep, that book was totally about a guy who had been brainwashed by the North Koreans and sent back to assassinate a presidential candidate.  The only good news is that I've seen Rodman shoot free-throws and I just don't think his aim is good enough to pose any real threat to any candidates. Well, maybe Chris Christie who is roughly "broad side of a barn" sized.

2.) He's literally wearing a tin foil hat

Holy crap! I've always heard that crazy people wear tin foil hats. I've just never actually seen one until now!

Rodman is probably wearing the electromagnetic blocking chapeau to keep the U.S. from de-brainwashing him.  I mean, that can't be a fashion statement, can it? That last person to pull off that look was Mary Pickford.



3.) Has a seething hatred for America's leaders

When asked why he didn't do anything to get Bae released, Rodman's response was, "Ask Obama! Ask Hillary Clinton! Ask those a******!"

"A*******???"  Really, Dennis? I don't agree with Hillary and Obama on much but even I don't think they are a********.   I mean, Obama doesn't have "generational prison camps" were entire families from grandparents to grandchildren yet to be born are incarcerated their entire lives like Kim Jong Un does.  Hillary doesn't arrest people for taking photos of starving orphans which is part of why Kenneth Bae is in prison.  Obama never executed his ex-girlfriend like Un did, although I imagine it might have at least crossed Bill Clinton's mind.

The only reason I can think of that someone would call the President of the United States an a****** and call a murderous, paranoid tyrant a "friend" if if that person's brain has been recently washed. Which is more than I can say for most of Dennis' other body parts.