On July 18th, 2023, it was revealed that a US solider fled to North Korea after serving time in a South Korean prison. AP news revealed his name to be Private 2nd Class Travis King was released on July 10th & was supposed to return to Fort Bliss, in El Paso, Texas. Needless to say, it made national headlines.

Defense Secretary Mattis Confirms That Military Bases Will House Detained Migrants
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What did El Paso have to say about Travis King fleeing to North Korea?

Well the reactions, to say the least, have been SAVAGE. We asked on our Facebook page & here's what some people had to say:

"If you're gonna go AWOL, NOKO is the place to be... I don't think they're an extradition participant." - Richard Emler Jr.

"Sucks its for something negative" - Richy Pfeister

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And the comments on Fit Fam El Paso were...well they were something else.

"Some people will do anything to avoid this El Paso heat" - fiestaeddy 2.0

"So to avoid prison, he flees in North Korea lmao?" - early2000sguy

"El Paso, somehow, always makes headlines for all the wrong reasons" - brienchacon

"My man thought the movie “The Interview” was a true story" - dadtoivy

"How dumb do you have to be to think NK is better than military punishment" - gabriel_s

"Can’t even escape modern El Paso type activities in Asia" - velocijoey

"So he fled to north Korea to evade military discipline? He's going to find out the hard way which one is better" - ensaladadepapa1982

Brandon Wade, Getty Images
Brandon Wade, Getty Images

Of course we don't condone his actions (nor do the comments reflect on how we think or feel); that's why we wanted to ask YOU what you thought about this. I hope El Paso DOES get in the national spotlight again, this time for something more positive & not weather related...

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