OK, the answer to all of these is "Fiction". The North Korean regime has always made outrageous claims, especially about how their dictators have what can only be called "magical powers". So, the question isn't "are these claims true?" but, "have these claims actually been made by the North Koreans?".

In most cases, the claims are made by the state-run North Korean news agency whose sole purpose is to foster the god-like status of the Kim's while doing everything they can to make North Korea seem like an earthly paradise. So, true or false, we're these claims actually made by North Korea? Answers at the end of the article!

1.) Sawdust in a very nutritious food source!

2.) Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger!

3.) Kim Jong Un is the first person to ever dunk on a 20 foot basketball goal!

4.) Kim Jong-Un has the ability to telepathically communicate with all animals!

5.) Kim Jong-Il shot the best round of golf in human history!

6.) Kim Jong-Un could drive by the age of 3!

7.) All UFO's are actually highly advanced North Korean aircraft!

8.) North Korean scientists have found unicorns!

9.) The Internet doesn't actually exist!

10.) Americans routinely die of starvation in the streets.

Alright, let's see how you did!

1.) TRUE! Kim Jong-Il claimed that sawdust was full of vitamins and nutrients. This likely came in handy during any of NK's frequent famines. Except that it's nonsense.

2.) TRUE! Kim Jong-Il frequently claimed the he invented the hamburger or "double bread with meat". Reporters who have managed rare conversations with non-government-approved North Koreans say this is a common believe they hear from the people. Oh, yeah...and Mickey Mouse was created by the Chinese.

3.) FALSE! But maybe only because he hasn't thought of it yet.

4.) FALSE! He only has the ability to communicate telepathically with Dennis Rodman.

5.) TRUE! Amazingly, the DPNK state media reported that "on his first attempt at playing a round of golf" Kim Jong Il carded an astonishing 38-under par 34 including "11 hole in ones". Beginner's luck, I guess.

6.) TRUE! Maybe this one could be true. If you give a 3 year old a customized automobile and really don't care if he runs over a few of your starving citizens, maybe it actually happened.

7.) FALSE! However, the North Koreans did claim that they landed a rocket on the Moon a decade before the US.

8.) TRUE! This article explains the astounding "discovery".

9.) TRUE! Only high-ranking North Korean officials are allowed to access the internet. Regular North Koreans who've heard something about a "global communication network or something?" are assured that it's just a myth.

10.) FALSE/TRUE! A little of each, actually. There was a video purported to be a North Korean propaganda film about how terrible life is in the U.S. but that was debunked by Snopes. However, the regime has consistently claimed that actual starvation in the DPNK are isolated "food shortages" and that "other countries have it much, much worse". So, the video that claims that Americans survive by "eating dead birds and snow" is a hoax but, yeah, North Korea does portray every country that isn't North Korea or China as a bleak hell-scape.

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