It's been no secret that we here at the Buzz Adams Morning Show are looking forward to seeing Rogue One. So, we got some tickets and would like to share them with some real Star Wars fans. Next week, we're going to start qualifying people to win tickets...

  • Movie -- Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
  • Date -- Thursday, December 15th
  • Time -- 10:30pm showing
  • Where -- Alamo Drafthouse on Mesa

Just be listening to the morning show next week in the 9 o'clock MST (KLAQ) hour of the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Each day, we'll be qualifying two people to join us in our big Star Wars trivia extravaganza. To qualify, we'll be asking some standard Star Wars trivia questions, just to make sure you actually have a clue about Star Wars.

Then, on Sunday the 11th of December, all 10 qualifiers will join us at our offices to compete for one of the four pairs of tickets we have for that showing. Just a warning, the questions to qualify will be standard questions. The questions to win the tickets will be significantly more difficult.

So start studying now, and hopefully you'll get to join us for Rogue One at Alamo Drafthouse on Mesa.