Slash and his wife Perla are divorcing and Slash says their former house is too big for just him and his sons so, they're "downsizing".

For about 11 meeellion dollars, said in total Dr. Evil from the Autin Powers movie voice, you can party like a rock star where Slash partied like a rock star. It's got 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a monstrous playroom and a 36 foot skate ramp out back. It's in Beverly Hills though so, I doubt there's a dollar store or a Wal-Mart handy. Probably no Roscoe's Burgers either. There's a full on nightclub inside the house with a DJ booth, full bar and, of course, a stripper pole.

Ex-Mrs. Slash, Perla Hudson, told that they could easily get 100 people in the club and that it had seen some R rated and naughtier anticsPerla says she has a portable stripper pole that she'll be taking with her so, the one in the bar stays!