You've seen the Walter dog memes online, you've seen people do their own versions of this meme & I'm sure you've shared the meme once or twice online. For years the Walter dog has become a huge part of Internet "memedom"; but did you know that dog behind the meme is actually a bull terrier that lives happily in Houston, Texas? He does & he's still a star online.

Just in case you've never seen the Walter meme before, here's a refresher.

His name is actually Nelson; the bull terrier was born on July 15, 2017 in Houston along with 2 cats named Baxter, Pippa, the leopard geckos Sue & Trix & his mom Victoria Leigh. He got his big taste of internet stardom from a September 30, 2018 tweet showing his hilarious face looking directly in the camera. Since then, he has earned his place on the internet.

Even 5 years later, the Houston terrier is still enjoying being a star online.

Today Nelson has his own Instagram page. As one would imagine, it's hard being an Internet star when everyone wants your attention. But he certainly enjoys letting people know that yes, he is indeed THE real Walter dog.

There was a rumor going around telling of his passing a while back; to which Nelson had to dispel the rumors directly. Nelson is very much alive.

I know people are curious about whether or not Nelson likes fine dining & gourmet meals. Turns out, he's just like us & enjoys the finer things in life. Like Whataburger.

Nelson also has a fascination of joining the circus one day, as he shows his vigorous training to one day be a circus dog.

And of course... how we can forget the Nelson absolutely loves "fire trucks & moster trucks"

Just as recently as July 15th, Nelson even celebrated his 6th birthday. Which Mistermainer1 did a nice birthday tribute to him.

Whether you call him Nelson, or Walter, he has earned his place in Internet stardom & is a very good boy.


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