The 5th Season of AMC’s The Walking Dead returns Sunday October 12. Check out this sick trailer for the new season!

The trailer is posted, below, but first…my top 5 observations and things for you to watch for.

1.) The cannibal people from the end of season 4 are being asked to join the Ricktatorship. Never go to a place called “Terminus” seeking refuge. This is why everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of Latin.

2.) Rick is reunited with Judith. So that’s good.

3.) They show Beth. Hellllooooo? Spoiler alert? Common courtesy, people.

4.) The zombies are starting to look more and more decayed. I’m starting to thing the smart play is to hide out for a year or so and then the zombie threat can be dealt with using a Zwiffer and some Hefty bags.

5.) You know the scientist guy who says he has the cure is delusional, right?

Watch below and get ready for October 12 when we’ll all be….The WATCHING DEAD!