The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead is this Sunday and we're hearing leaks on the internet that say this episode is going to be bonkers!

Bonkers, as in "numerous character die in rapid succession."

The four of us on the Morning Show who are hardcore fans decided to do a Walking Dead pool. We each picked five characters who we think may die in the first episode. Whoever gets the most right wins an extra week's paid vacation and $1,000 from our boss, Kevin Vargas.

  Joanna's List

  •     Gabriel (the priest)
  •     Denise (the sorta town doctor)
  •     Jessie  ( Rick's kinda girlfriend)
  •     Sam    (Jessie's youngest son who's kind of a puss)
  •     Sasha  (you know...Sasha)

 Brandon's List

  •      Abraham (the ginger badass)
  •      Sam
  •      Jessie
  •      Maggie    (daughter of Herschel, wife of Glenn)
  •      Gabriel

Emily's List

  •       Sasha
  •       Tara  (the girl from the Governor's group who joined up with Rick's people)
  •       Gabriel
  •       Sam
  •       Ron    (Jessie's other son who's a real asshat)

  Buzz's List

  •        Gabriel
  •        Morgan (bo staff master/pacifist)
  •        Jessie
  •        Denise
  •        Tara

As you can see, there's a lot of overlap on our lists. Also, we're all apparently sick of Father Gabriel and his crap.