You probably have a different location you consider your favorite place to go offroading. If I had to choose where my favorite spot is, depends on what we want to do.

There are different locations in El Paso for those who enjoy going offroading in the desert. I can't just name one favorite spot since I like them all but for different reasons. The desert I grew up visiting often when I was in and out of high school would be The Wall. Usually we would go offroading or use the quads and trail around the area. After those shenanigans we would finally get the bonfire going and kick back with some cold ones. I rarely went out to the SAC or Redsands but when I did it was usually for trailing around. Then you've heard about a lot of people that go to the Eastside deserts to go shooting. Pedro Lopez caught this shot of all the people who enjoy going to Red Sands in far East El Paso.

Take the poll on which desert you prefer to go offroading at with your family and friends.

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