Just yesterday, Viva La Mocha received a threat from a woman about the long wait on her El Paso strong shirt. The woman claimed she worked for the state of Texas and would file a claim with Pay Pal. Not only that, but she also demanded a refund when she knows this is a donation to the victims. As you know Viva La Mocha has been working very hard for you and the shirts you ordered since the tragedy. They have been doing their part by posting an update every single day on orders they're shipping out. Viva La Mocha has been hard at work trying to get every shirt order out to everyone who purchased one.

It has been 17 days since the shooting and Viva La Mocha has NOT stopped working on shirts. All they ask of you is to have a little more patience if you've ordered a shirt and are still waiting. In case you didn't know one of the owners was hospitalized and had to close Viva La Mocha. If you ordered your shirt please know that you will receive it but may take some time. Remember Viva La Mocha is doing this for the victims and donating 100% of the proceeds to them.

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