Obviously it's been a rough couple of days for Ted Cruz ever since he returned from his non-vacation trip to Cancun. While Texas is in recovery mode from that freak winter storm that left thousands in the dark and cold, including Snowflake, Ted Cruz has been busy at work, trying to make up for his faux pas.

TikTok content creator John Walsh (no, not the America's Most Wanted Host) has also been busy at work, mostly creating great "Ted Cruz in Cancun TikTok Videos". His resemblance is uncanny and he's actually really nailing the Ted Cruz nasal voice.

Now, thanks to Walsh, he's created the ultimate MCU crossover event Texas didn't even know we needed! He's created the theme song for Ted Cruz- all thanks to "WandaVision".

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Now, I haven't seen an episode of "WandaVision" (I'm waiting for all the episodes to be available) but I am hearing some great things about the show- I don't even mind the spoilers. If you too haven't seen an episode and don't want it spoiled, then now's a good time to stop reading- although I know that this song has been spread all over social media.

So, we all know the song "Agatha All Along" right? Where we find out that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness? The song is hella catchy.

Thanks to Walsh- we now have the theme song that all Texas can sing when they see Ted Cruz, "Ted Cruz All Along"

Is Ted Cruz a powerful witch like Agatha Harkness? No. Is he a villain? Most definitely.


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