A Texas woman has gone viral for her informative video showing why you should let your hand sanitizer completely dry on your hands before doing anything. Around the world, people are concerned about contracting the novel coronavirus and are furiously cleaning and sanitizing everything. One of the hottest product that is flying off the shelves is hand sanitizer. While washing your hands is still the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the second-best is through the use of hand sanitizer. The same way many people are having to learn how to wash their hands properly, many are learning the dos and don'ts of using hand sanitizer. One woman in Texas decided to make this informative video showing how dangerous hand sanitizer can be if you don't let it dry fully.

Texan Elizabeth Sanchez shared a video after having a discussion with her boss and her isster about so many people using hand sanitizer more often or even for the first time and not being very familiar with the product. She conducts a science experiment, showing what happens if you don't let the flammable hand sanitizer completely dry. She then proceeds to pump out some hand sanitizer onto a plate and lights it on fire. While the hand sanitizer seems to not catch on fire the flames are almost completely invisible. She proceeds to put a piece of paper over the hand sanitizer pile and you see the paper quickly starts burning. She then turns off the lights and you can see quite visibly that the heap of sanitizer is still on fire. Check out the interesting video below and be cautious when you are using hand sanitizer.

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