A shocking surveillance video out of Houston shows the moment a smoothie shop owner wrestled a gun from a robber to protect his business.

Three suspects in Houston are in police custody after their attempted robbery was foiled by a brazen shop owner. And the entire ordeal was caught on camera. According to CW 39, around 11 am on Thursday, a robber walked into the Bambu Desserts and Drinks and pointed a gun at the owner and demanded he open the safe. The robber then pushed the owner to the ground and began wrestling with the man. After several tense minutes, the owner is able to free himself from the robber and is able to get the gun away from the robber. The robber then flees the scene as the owner fired several shots at him. Investigators say that six shots were fired in total, and an employee of the of the shop says two other robbers were waiting in a getaway vehicle. Authorities arrived swiftly and searched for an hour before the thieves were apprehended.

The owner of the smoothie shop said he thought his life was in danger and was thankful no one was hurt in the attempted robbery.