A popular spot for off-roading, shooting and more was closed recently. This cool, yet kind of creepy, video shows what a difference the closure made.

Red Sands has long been the place for El Pasoans to go for off-roading, shooting, hiking and/or just hanging out and enjoying the beauty of the El Paso desert. Eventually, it will be again. The drone shot video shows images of Red Sands during the closure, cut with shots of it on what appears to be a typical weekend.

Once the COVID 19 pandemic has passed and we can all get back to normal, I'm sure the desert area will once again hum with the sound of engines and peeps having a good time.

All parks in El Paso are closed due to the pandemic and many other places and businesses have also been closed or shut down. Not that anyone should be visiting these places anyway, as the "stay at home" order in El Paso was recently extended for another 30 days. 

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