It was February 18, 2006, when the County Coliseum was a packed house during the Taste of Chaos. Rockstar energy drink was the title sponsor for Taste of Chaos in 2006. That show was so lit and even knew it was going to be due to the lineup that was scheduled. When Taste of Chaos announced their tour dates and added to the lineup that rushed me to buy my ticket. Plus, the lineup included my favorite local band Finish the Fight which did an incredible job amping everyone up as you can see above. Luckily, El Paso, Texas was one of their tour stops and was set to play at the County Coliseum. If you attended that show 14 years ago then you know the County Coliseum was crowded.

The first thing my best friend (at the time) and I did was we immediately rush to get in line at the merchandise table. I am pretty sure the merchandise table walked away from the show with a lump sum of money. Despite the anxious feeling, we felt while waiting for so long was definitely worth the wait. Because even to this day I still wear that t-shirt often that lead to some wear and tear on it. It has been worn so much that I ended up having to cut off the sleeves. We all have that favorite shirt from a show we will never forget. That favorite t-shirt for me was from that show and another reason is that the Deftones were leading Taste of Chaos. Besides Deftones, Taste of Chaos had a hell of a great lineup that featuredThrice, Story of the Year, Silverstein, As I Lay Dying, and more. My 14-year-old Taste of Chaos shirt has seen my bad and good days and is still surviving through all the washes. Feel free to share your favorite merch you bought at a concert that is still in good shape or slowly falling apart.

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