Friday nights were made for racing and I got to join my friends at the races last Friday! We all met up at the El Paso Motorplex and I began filming the usual activity that takes place before the race.

I got to hang out with a couple friends (racers) who showed me the ropes of that race life. My favorite car to see taking off like a bat out of hell racing down the road is the Chevy Nova! Rudy Ponce and Vince Vigil were telling me about what they love about racing and favorite places to race. I always have a blast when I go with my friends to attend a good race especially if it's to cheer on my friends. When I have time to watch television I do like to catch Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. I saved the best part of the video for last because I know a lot of you are going to give me crap when you hear my reaction. Now I've NEVER been able to be the passenger during a race and my wish was finally granted last Friday! You will hear my reaction throughout the race but oh boy was it hella fun! After telling people I screamed like a baby they ask how fast we were going and I rather NOT know. But I think after giving it my first try I wouldn't mind doing it again and knowing our speed this time around. Please excuse my screaming at the end of the video when we're going down the track.

2 race

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