An Adam Sandler movie that came out in 1998 and was turned into a Broadway musical in 2006 is coming to UTEP Dinner Theatre in 2022.  “The Wedding Singer” will be staged starting this Friday, January 28, and will run through February 13 at the Union West building on the UTEP campus. | @theutepdinnertheatre | @theutepdinnertheatre

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Eighties nostalgia has been on a hot streak lately. When “The Wedding Singer” with Adam Sandler first came out in 1998, I remember being taken aback. “People are nostalgic for the 80s??” I recall thinking. I felt like the 80s had just barely ended. It’s like cold water in the face the first time you realized that younger people are nostalgic for the era YOU graduated high school in.

Of all the Sandler 90s filmography I guess “The Wedding Singer” made the most sense to adapt for Broadway. It already had some hits from the 80s…

…and, at least one original number.

Still, I would have liked to have seen the Broadway version of “Little Nicky”.  I mean, it even has an Ozzy Osbourne cameo in it. How does “Heathers” have a Broadway musical adaptation but “Happy Gilmore” doesn’t??

I’ve seen a few UDT shows over the decades (this is their 39th season!) and they always, always do a really great job. Most recently I saw their production of “Newsies” and it was superb! My 12-year-old daughter and I were singing along to the reprise of “Santa Fe”.

You can get tickets for the UTEP Dinner Theatre presentation of “The Wedding Singer” at the UTEP Ticket Center 2901 N. Mesa or online at

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