The other day I wrote about how my mom was boycotting making tamales for Christmas this year. I shared my story and asked for suggestions thinking I would have to settle for store bought tamales this year. Everyone's suggestions were very helpful, and some were NOT so helpful (looking at you people who told me to make them myself!). But the end result has been shocking! My mom has decided that she WILL make tamales this year!

It all started when I told my mom that I wrote the story of me asking for suggestions on where I should get tamales. She was a bit embarrassed and couldn't believe that I actually wrote about her #TamaleBoycott. Then I started listing the names of places everyone suggested and well she was not amused. She kept saying "no" to each place I named or she would say "I'm not going to just buy some strangers tamales!" In the end, she wasn't happy with the suggestions and decided to just make the tamales herself! Sure, we'll have to buy everything and get up early to prepare them, but honestly, I look forward to it. Making tamales at my house is a bonding experience. My mom, sister and I sit at the table and gossip and laugh, and that's what the holidays are all about, and I'm very happy that this tradition will live on this year!

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